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C.E.N. Half-Pipe Plans

Team Bios
Please forgive our pics they are a little distorted but is for your own eye protection. Thank You

CURRNETLY SKATING: C.E.N DECK, and  one Venture Truck one royal
AGE: 17
SEX: With girls girls girls (get off my back ronnie)
HOBBIES: None at all, not one hobby in the whole world
PERSONAL QUOTE: "Ronnie quiet looking on my screen."
CURRENTLY SKATING: Flip Deck, and Phantom 2 Trucks
AGE: 16
SEX: None or Never
HOBBIES: Tea-Parties and Skateboarding
PERSONAL QUOTE: "I would cry if the cable went out."
Compadre and HomeSkillet

CURRNETLY SKATING:Bam deck, Blank deck on Destructo's
AGE: 13,15
SEX: Both have there opinion
HOBBIES: Hanging out at the park and running naked in the wild
PERSONAL QUOTE: "I slept with two girls""Man you have sex with your rubber ducky"


CURRENTLY SKATING: Element blank, on tensor trucks
AGE: 19
SEX: From time to time with his girlfriend
HOBBIES: Skating, driving a festiva, and doing peanut characters (marcy).
PERSONAL QUOTE: "When in doubt masterbate"


CURRENTLY SKATING: Blind on Orions SP1 trucks
AGE: 15
SEX: With big and nasty
HOBBIES: skateboarding and paintballing
PERSONAL QUOTE: "let go of my tego bego i am drunk shut up"




Special thanks to all the idiots that made these pictures possible